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About me

I am a professional copywriter, copy-editor and proofreader with 22 years’ experience. I began my career  in 1998 as an assistant editor for a scientific journal, and over the following two decades I progressed to working as a newspaper reporter, a teletext journalist, a sub-editor and the editor of various consumer magazines. Since 2012 I have been working as a freelance copywriter, copy-editor and proofreader for a number of different clients.

I specialise in holistic health, wellbeing and personal development but I am happy to work with any subject matter. I have written about all manner of subjects from home improvement and interiors, to weddings, gardening, finance, celebrities and travel.

Since going freelance in 2012, I have written freelance articles for national magazines and websites; edited and sub-edited consumer and membership magazines; and created content for websites, blogs and mailshots. I have also worked with independent authors, copy-editing both fiction and non-fiction to prepare manuscripts for potential publishers. My work has also included proofreading dissertations, PhD theses and journal articles for students and academics.

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