Here’s what some of my past and present clients have said about my work.

“We have worked with Liz for a number of years on our members’ magazine, Pinnacle. Liz is a delight to work with and her work is always meticulous, prompt and professional. I always feel reassured when using Liz’s services as I know the published copy will be well presented and error-free!”
Chana James, Communications Manager, The Churches Conservation Trust 

“Liz is an excellent, accomplished and incredibly thorough proofreader whose attention to detail is second to none. For a title such as ours, editorial precision is the first and last priority, and to be able to rely on Liz’s accuracy, passion and speed is a huge asset for both the magazine and its dedicated reader base.”
James Evans, editor, Fertility Road magazine

“Liz has proofread my research articles for the last six years. She usually corrects the grammar, stylistics and highlights the sentences that are not clear in my papers; she has also edited my manuscripts for brevity. I really appreciate her sense of details, her reliability and flexibility. I fully recommend her services!”
Dr Miroslav Sirota, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Essex

“As a book writer I find that I lose myself in the writing of it, immersing yourself totally into the story itself. Then when you read it back to yourself it looks fine. Then you ask other people to read the draft, and they say that it was a lovely story and couldn’t fault it. This is where Liz comes into it. It took me a long time to find her. There are a lot a proofreaders out there, but finding one that is on your wavelength is something else. I have known Liz Parry for a long time now and she has edited and proofread all of my books. She is not afraid to tell me that a passage or even a word could be altered, without changing any of the meaning of the passage. Her journalistic skills have played a crucial part in all the books that I have written and have improved the clarity of the book. I would recommend her to anyone, and I for one would not want to find anyone else.”
Roderick Clark, author, The Worm that Wouldn’t Wriggle

“Liz helped us with the content on our new website. We gave her the overall information and she was able to skillfully extract the essence of what we wanted to say and present it in a thoughtful and engaging way. She was very friendly, supportive and professional through every step of the process. You could tell from the outset that it was important to her that we were happy with her work –  and we very much were! So a BIG thank you Liz. Highly recommended.”
Edward Harpin, owner of The Tree Relaxation Retreat 

“Liz has worked with me for about six years now and has helped me finalise many articles that have since been published in international scientific journals. She consistently provides timely insightful edits and suggestions. I would of course recommend her!”
Dr Marie Juanchich, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Essex

“My PhD thesis was proofread by Liz. Liz’s remarks and suggestions added greatly to the final shape of my thesis. She was keen, dedicated and never complained. Liz not only proofreads my thesis but also comments on some of my odd English expressions. She suggests some other ones which are more suitable in their own context. To be honest, she has unforgettable touches which can not be ignored.”
Majeed Midhim, PhD student, University of Essex

“Liz has always met deadlines and been prepared to take on work at short notice. She has competently corrected grammar, spelling and punctuation, and pointed out errors in the text, including references. Her work increases the readability of the text as well as eliminating errors.”
Sandra Rawlin, PPS Proofreading

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